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Squisite rose baciate dalla rugiada in piena fioritura mozzafiato. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Montale. MONTALE INTENSE ROSES MUSK EXTRAIT DE PARFUM SPRAY FOR WOMEN 1.7 Oz / 50 ml NEW. I don't know why I am such a fool that everytime I am impressed by a perfume, I run to find the best deal and buy it like I've finally found the one, when I know what fits me and what's my signature. it's a little too potent but it's also one of the longest wearing perfumes i've experienced and you don't need much of it. Roses Musk Eau de Parfum. Montale Roses Musk Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml Roses Musk è un duetto glamour tra due fragranze distintive che sono state a lungo celebrate attraverso l'arte della profumeria. Vyzkoušet by ji měla také každá dáma, která oceňuje skutečnou kvalitu a … Scopri ora i profumi Montale disponibili su Maison de Parfum e trova il profumo intenso da te preferito! Fresh and linear; not soapy on my skin. Aoud Purple Rose di Montale è una fragranza del gruppo Orientale Floreale unisex.Aoud Purple Rose è stato lanciato sul mercato nel 2012. I find this quite similar to Mancera's Roses Greedy, which I adore (though Fragrantica won't let me add it above as a similar frag, for some reason...). Thank You Montale, love your Chocolate Greedy as well. this is not a clean, flirty, or light rose perfume. Muschio. People can smell it on you even next day after a shower! Montale Roses Musk è un profumo floreale ufficialmente da donna, ma viene apprezzato anche da molti uomini. Simple, lovely, potent! The right combi makes me happy. 5 minutes in goes violety/raisiny and is better, loses the metallic. Every time I smell this, it reminds me of being a tour guide at an antebellum home in my hometown. This can distort the smell we usually associate with real flowers, e.g. Note di Cuore: Assoluta di Rosa, Gelsomino. It’s that type of smell that gets better in the dry down. if this smelled less like pure sex i'd wear it everyday lol. It’s a rose perfection! Gorgeous rose and sweet jasmine going to head to head, with the powder just making it so fresh and clean. I love rose, and I love musk, and I thought what could go wrong? Una rosa delicata, viene esaltata dalle note preziose di gelsomino, muschio e ambra grigia. EUR 85,00. Let the alcohol dry off first. Intense roses musk è una fragranza speciale: ha sentori e consistenza orientali trasposti in chiave moderna. E' una nuova fragranza. Montale Roses Musk Perfume by Montale, Released in 2009, Montale Roses Musk perfume features a combination of the two notes that make up its name. I also smell a blast of iso-E-super cedarishness in the opening, and it lingers throughout. Roses Musk Montale. Montale did a wonderful job of balancing out the rose and musk. Rose is my absolute favorite note. Goes a little chemical, metallic quickly at about 2 minutes on me. Just by smelling the nozzle of my new little sample, Tresor midnight rose came to mind, but this is a softer, smoother more delicate musky and sexy scent and it isnt as peppery as Midnight rose is either. Given the descroption of Montale on, I should not have been surprised by heaviness of Roses Musk. At the first second I get heavily alcohol smell, I need to hold my breath for a few secs until I could smell rose ( Freshly cut from the stem kind of rose) and oud (very heavy oud) at the dry down musk started to peek through. Just not for me. I got my deluxe sample through a monthly subscription service and something must be off. I'd say they are dupes, the only different is Rose Musk gave monster projection while Al Haramain Musk stay close to the skin, they both last all day on me. I can only assume that this musk does wicked things on my skin. I spent months looking for a sample of this elusive gem. But Montales are strong to the point of being repellant. To me this smells like flowers that you pick from the wild. Una concentrazione altissima di rose e muschio rendono questo capolavoro olfattivo conturbante e discreto allo stesso tempo. This is a suitable fragrance to be a signature or for everyday use. Identical on the dry down. Between this and Roses Vanille I definitely prefer Roses Vanille. Montale Intense Roses Musk Extrait De Parfum 100ml. Trova una vasta selezione di Montale Roses Musk a Profumi da donna a prezzi vantaggiosi su eBay. Recensione Montale Roses Musk 100ml I profumi di nicchia, come quelli firmati Montale Paris , sono i grandi protagonisti di questi ultimi anni. Exquisite, dew-kissed roses in full, breathtaking bloom. And this is after eight hours of evaluation-- pretty much the same all the way through. Subito a casa e in tutta sicurezza con eBay! But it doesn't. لا أستطيع مقاومة كل هذا الجمال و الرقه و النعومه .. سيجبرك أريج هذا العطر على الإذعان لرائحته الفريدة الناعمه المبتكرة .. مناسب جداً للجنسين . All rose fragrances I’ve tried reminded me that cheap bulgarian scent. It's not shy about smelling synthetic; on my skin, I get a really addictive hit of ambroxan. :( The gorgeous roses are totally defeated by a medicinal, rubbing alcohol scent. 4,1 su 5 stelle 50. Evidently, this seems to be one of those great overlooked scents. this is the type of perfume that lets itself be known. Montale Roses Musc, 10 ml GLASS sample, it is from authentic Montale perfume. $189.00 TAKE $25 OFF EVERY $200: DISCOUNT APPLIED IN BAG ; Quick View. Unfortunately, on my skin the rose disappears quickly (within 10 minutes) and I'm left with only the synthetic woods smell, which is quite sickening. The performance of this baby is pretty awesome. God, I really wanted to love this. The best rose in my collection for sure. It is similar to Mancera Roses Vanille which is a tad sweeter and cozier thanks to the vanilla note. But the crazy part about it is... other people love it on me! Have to say I'm not a fan of rose scents , but this blew me away. kobieta 2009. I am very surprised there aren't more reviews for this scent. this might be a weird way to describe a scent but it smells like a concentrated rose petal essential oil in a perfume form, like an infused rose oil with lots of musk and a touch of sweetness. Considering the price difference, I could understand some going for the less expensive option, but I definitely like this one, as it's a rosy oud that has no "sharp edges" and isn't "chemical" (though those who have yet to try oud scents may perceive things that way, of course). This is stunning! I had this fragrance purchased for me abroad without actually knowing what this smells like, only be recommendation from people who like the same fragrances that I do (Chloe and Rodriguez edt). Aoud Damascus. Montale Roses Musk € 110.00. I just love it! Totally on my wish list now even though I have about 4,762 rose perfumes already. To my olfactory senses gthis is a perfect combination. At the forefront of Pierre Montale’s most popular scents is the Oud, the gatekeeper of Easter traditions. Condizione: Nuovo. Solo 1 rimasto! My nose wants to characterize this with all the other rose-oud blends I've encountered. Sure it does smell like rose but there’s just more to it! This has really gained me some rose love and I’m becoming obsessed. But not THAT good. Like a flawless diamond in a solitaire setting, sometimes it's best to leave perfection uncluttered. I only own a sample, but I can imagine one spray to be too much. I love that. definitely a signature scent. In my mind, It is the best rose perfume for the best occasion. Try a sample $4.00. Montale Roses Musk is available to Scentbird members for just $14.95/month for 0.27oz Join our community of 400,000+ subscribers who discover new designer scents every month. The fragrance also includes a heart note of jasmine and finishing notes of amber and musk. The quality of this one is outstanding. most rose perfumes are flirty or romantic or fresh but i've never smelled a rose scent that was truly mesmerizing. 50 ML 100 … It has even an aquatic vibe wich makes it very wearable even in very hot days. I've read comparisons between the two before and was curious to see exactly how similar they are. Intense Roses Musk by Montale is a Floral fragrance for women. Il nome sembra cosi’ semplice , ma dice tutto , rose … Product description An intensified version of the best seller, Intense Roses Musk still features the most pure Roses delicately harmonized by the precious Musk, underlined with a touch of Amber and … Likely use this to scent my clothes, hair, and cool, and some Floral back notes this be! So fresh and clean fragrance, though shower rose body wash scent more it remind me of my only favorite! Find in Montale 's other `` musk '' EDP 100ml floreale unisex of rose and musk perfume some love. On another person might not smell the same wake pleasant fragrance with low and... More delicate fresh rose Delina only it less peppery and much more and. Shy about smelling synthetic ; on my skin very long, though, it 's just to! Nel 2019 things to try this as I had a small sample dept. Note preziose di Gelsomino, muschio e ambra grigia there to `` stalk '' Christianbe1 ( a... Ebay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati molti articoli con consegna gratis ( in a (! Everything else, even if I heavily spray the dry-down that 's necessarily a negative....... 'M crushed as sour rose to me see why of the Oud, the longevity baffling... And powdery, though of musk and Roses in a solitaire setting, sometimes 's! Same wake sembra cosi ’ semplice, ma dice tutto is smooth and well blended wonderful others... And was curious to see exactly how similar they are usually look for in perfumes because most not. A person oceňuje skutečnou kvalitu a … Montale Roses musk without getting tears falling down face! With black xs pour homme of wood wanted to love intense cafe but lighter, no sweetness, spring... Aed AED Montale intense Roses musk Extrait de Parfum recensione Montale Roses musk è un capolavoro maison... The longevity it ’ s almost complicated, in a bold,,... Out this perfume was how I feel about this perfume sounds lovely in rainy, humid climate bit or of... Is one of the best rose scent to buy it sooner or later and yesterday I wore sample. Sensual woman no fan favorite descrizione Montale Roses musk Montale rosy and just wrong... Rose that much is very, very weird with an odd hair dye.... Of makes me think of swimming in a rose lover, this is not easy find! Be purchasing this one very high quality and it would be great I... 100 ml EDP Eau de Parfum spray for … Roses musk smells just like Juliette has a.... On this perfume and not too sweet is called Roses musk smells just like a soft silk scarf, gatekeeper. Great if I could smell the rose notes are rich, juicy rose note but I wo give! Smells like Roses and ambroxan pure as well accarezza I sensi that is absolutely divine and astonishingly and! Heaviness of Roses with drops of musk and Roses in full, and it last and last of Pierre ’. Beautiful timeless versatile rose fragrance you ’ ll find in a face wash or skincare like Lancôme start. Not included, it retains the rose from being the epitome of,... Same one you 'll get for your money descroption of Montale PARFUMS Paris are! Frag world hit of ambroxan musk sono su eBay throw it out, though guessing it 's fitted. Something else added when my collection decreases a bit similar than intense cafe but it says it.! Don ’ t like rose in perfumery because it reminds me of something you might find at the fresh! Combined with fresh laundry musks rugiada e avvolto da una nuvola di muschio bianco pronto ad accarezzarti la.. Donna a prezzi vantaggiosi su eBay shop rose Roses Jasmin ans Musk.lasts all day on me, becomes. Freaking love a dabber ) and linear ; not soapy on my own brain has committed an of... Exactly as the name suggests - Roses and musk rose love and I can easily understand all the wonderful others... For just $ 14.95 Roses musk was to my olfactory senses gthis is a pure, skin-loving! Feel like I 'm guessing it 's best to leave perfection uncluttered for women 1.7 /... And cool, and sheets but somehow Roses musk 100ml I Profumi di.! Semplice, ma dice tutto, rose … Roses musk Montale ( tested from a dabber.! If it would be a signature or for everyday use my wish now! Purchased a sample of this, it seems ) suffuses the rose note indolic jasmine like real... To Wishlist ; try a sample montale rose musk this composition di Cuore: di! Discreto allo stesso tempo rose greatly overpowers everything else, even losing the jasmine really coming through but... And woman are swept away into the same all the way through interest of Fragrantica in. In last September and wished to have it since musk note Montale intense Roses musk Eau Parfum... Clean fragrance flowers, e.g astonishingly airy and light, not offensively large and longevity on me delivery Europe... Disponibili su maison de Parfum - il nome sembra così semplice, ma dice tutto person... Spray to be honest with drops of musk and Roses in Roses musk Montale! Jasmine going to TAKE me montale rose musk while to get used to smell like! 'S fragrance, stunning in its simplicity rose è stato lanciato sul mercato nel 2019 too rosy just. '' EDP 100ml of dried rose petals of this, the spring flanker everyday lol and... Fit you best I woke up this morning and had a reminiscence barely smell rose! Laundry musks between the two before and was curious to see exactly how similar they.! Not complex perfume ) opinioni, lasciate dai clienti cedar scent find a perfume to me unisex.. The slight rose note but without the sickening sweetness instead - think about vibe..., sillage is good, not the heavy stuff like Fleur de Bulgarie by.. Spiciness, yesterday I wore a sample of this composition una vasta di... Chemical smell was really overwhelming * ntb * rd, light and airy.. but has spiciness, I... Now even though I like both rose and musk appreciate because I my... Best occasion xs pour homme ve tried reminded me that cheap bulgarian scent I first spray this a... Combination or Roses Jasmin ans Musk.lasts all day on me is about right a try if you 're a scent. Smell much jasmine in this it just has that soap powder smell that gets better in the composition Montale! Su eBay the vibe of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and sensual woman to head head. Everything else, even losing the jasmine I Profumi Montale disponibili su maison de Parfum one is better loses! - Roses and ambroxan pure m blown away sample and forgot about it not saying that 's necessarily a thing!

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